Renowned New York City-based plein air artist, Arthur Jens writes:
“Nick from Capizzo Studio found my artwork online last year. We finally managed to meet in person when he attended the Outsider Art Show in New York City. I am grateful for the opportunity he extended to me for a weeklong artist in residence in Saugatuck.

As I head out to paint today—March 24—in front of the Hotel Chelsea, it’s 35° and windy. I am daydreaming about the prospect of painting in Saugatuck during the summer. Hopefully it will be  75° and sunny. However, it’s not just the temperature difference that energizes me about painting in a new setting. One of the things that I love about plein-air painting is the prospect of everyday being different. In an earlier time in my life, I was a NYC Firefighter and one of the things that I loved about my job was that no two days were ever the same. When you went to work you never knew what adventures or challenges you might face that day. Painting outside is similar especially in an urban environment. I get to meet new and interesting people every day, the smells, noise, and action of the city is constantly changing, and the weather is always a wild card. I am eager to be in new surroundings, to meet new people, and show my work to a new audience. I hope that my paintings convey a sense of place and time and have the ability to communicate a mood that will make the viewer curious about my subject matter.”

3279 Blue Star Hwy, Saugatuck, MI