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Wine Sensory 101 - Wine Aromas

Venue: Modales Wines
2128 62nd Street Fennville, MI 49408

Do you want to get better at identifying what you smell in wines? If so, join us for our first educational class of the new year! Our winemaker, Andrew Backlin, will guide you through different wines while using the Aroma Master Wine Kit to help you better identify the certain aromas coming from your glass. The Aroma Master Wine Kit we’ll be using is one of the world’s most complete wine aromas collection, which combines 88 most common aromas found in sparkling, white, red and sweet wines produced around the world. This class will give you a better understanding of the aromas that can come from the wine you’re drinking and to help put a name to those aromas!

Wine Club members will receive their discount on tickets, and any wine purchased at the event!

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