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Flora & Form Exhibition Opening Featuring Rein Vanderhill & Jenny Martin

Venue: J. Petter Galleries
161 N. Blue Star Highway Douglas, MI 49406

Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with painters Rein Vanderhill and Jenny Martin. 

Rein paints greatly enlarged compositions of small natural forms, mostly fruits, and flowers. They then become monumental and dramatic demanding close examination. They refuse to be ignored because he uses high contrasts and intense colors focusing on the unusual shapes of the shadows on the leaves. The paintings of these natural forms and of the shoreline scenes of Lake Michigan will sometimes carry titles of names of dance forms or musical notations because my compositions imply motion and rhythm. Even though they can look photographic from a distance when approached show a liquid motion and dancing paint-strokes. 

Jenny's designs emphasize vivid eye-catching custom made glazes. She imbues each form with a soft subtle motion inspired by water and waves. She makes both large scale decorative vases and wall art, as well as high end unique functional wares. The appreciation for symmetry and line is present in every piece and the inspiration is drawn from classical Greek vessels. Every decorative etching is drawn by hand in leather hard clay without using any stencils or stamps. Her firing process uses a natural gas reduction to bring out the beauty that the glazing process creates. Using the addition of crushed glass and other natural elements the finished art truly stands apart from other ceramic designs.


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