One More Hurrah: Summer Lingers in Saugatuck

Somehow June and July has slipped by and you never planned that vacation you dreamed of in May. Although June and July have come and gone, it’s not too late to plan a great vacation and soak up the final summer rays. Saugatuck summer lasts through September (and even into October most years), so now’s your chance to plan your escape to our beautiful coastal town! At this time, the beaches are a little less busy, and the water is still perfect for swimming. Although it’s not the peak of summer, you will still get to experience all the amenities of the seasonal shops, restaurants and activities, all at a slower pace. This gives you ample opportunity to explore the gems of the area with ease. So, just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the fun has to.


Warm summer breezes, miles of trail to explore, and countless memories to be made. The Saugatuck/Douglas area harbors a myriad of activities to keep you busy during your final summer hurrah. Spend a day at our award-winning Oval Beach and soak up the summer sun. This is the perfect place to lay out or take a dip in the near perfect 70-degree water. If you’re looking to stay close to the beach, consider hiking or biking one of the many trails. Whatever your energy level, there is a trail for you. If you’re in the mood to stay indoors, why not gallery hop? The Saugatuck area is considered the art coast for a reason and it wouldn’t be a trip to our charming coastal town without exploring the many beautiful galleries that make up our two downtowns. Another option includes seeing a show at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts. They have everything from concerts to theater and comedy shows happening throughout the summer, and they never disappoint.


If you’re in the mood for shopping, you’ve come to the right place. The shopping here is unparalleled and both downtowns are extremely walkable. Each town features everything from apparel, accessories, souvenirs, to home furnishings and so much more. As you plan your vacation around the end of summer, this is the perfect excuse to do some back-to-school shopping or update your fall wardrobe. If you’re looking for especially great deals, plan around Saugatuck’s annual Sidewalk Sale. You’re sure to find great deals that day, as shops like Good Goods, Landsharks and Glik’s, offer up to 50% off sticker prices – how great is that?


Feed your inner-foodie and visit some of the area’s top restaurants. Downtown Douglas and Saugatuck has a wonderful selection of cafes, delis, wine bars, breweries, pizza joints, and the classic, a little-of-everything restaurants. In addition to great options in the main parts of town, head to Fennville for plenty more choices. About a 15 minute drive from Saugatuck and Douglas will take you to some of the top wineries, cider houses and farm to table restaurants.


After a hard day of shopping, playing and eating, you will unquestionably need a great place to stay. Luckily, the area is full of wonderful B&Bs, vacation rentals, hotels, motels, cottages – you name it. There are a plethora of locations on the waterfront, countryside or right downtown – which is walking distance from each town’s premier shops and restaurants. To find the perfect location, search our availability page or call our office and we can help you find the ideal destination for your end-of-summer vacation.


Although summer is coming to an end, you can make the most of it by planning a trip to the Saugatuck/Douglas area. With plenty of activities, shops, restaurants and lodging properties, we know this will be just what you need to kick off your fall season!

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