So It’s Raining…Now What?

After packing your itinerary full of beach activities, bike rides and boating, you’ve come to realize a rain cloud is quite literally clouding your vacation plans. Although this is not ideal, fear not. There are plenty of rain-friendly activities in the Saugatuck area. So although you may not get to spend your entire day sun tanning, the Saugatuck/Douglas area will make sure you have a vacation that’s equally as exciting.



Star of Saugatuck

This boat cruise may have already been on your list, and luckily, does not have to be crossed off since the Star runs rain or shine. You can simply opt to sit in the lower deck to stay dry. This way, you will still get to go on one of the favorited activities in Saugatuck and not feel guilty about getting drenched.

Bowling at Alley’s

Bowling is always a great idea for a rainy day. This quaint alley is available for open bowling, so whenever unpredictable weather may strike, you know Alley’s is an option. After you’ve bowled a few rounds, you can also stay for lunch or dinner – which is a great perk.

Village Puppeteers

When you’d rather be inside, why not opt for a puppet show. The Village Puppeteers have appealed to both adults and kids for years and have decades perfecting their craft through accreditations like Spiffy Pictures, Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney.

Saugatuck Antique Pavilion

With 24,000 square feet, there are endless hours to be had walking around this gem of an antique store. Whether you’re looking to refurbish an old wardrobe or looking for the perfect birthday present, you never know what you may stumble upon.

Downtown Shopping

One of the favorited activities of locals and visitors alike (despite weather) includes downtown Saugatuck’s shopping. A variety of clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, art, antiques, and home & garden items can be found. We guarantee this will also be an instant favorite.



A R T  C L A S S E S / E X H I B I T S

Saugatuck Center for the Arts

The SCA is the perfect location for rainy days. They offer a variety of exhibits and classes – and some are even free of charge. Until September 7, one can view Industrial Nature, a beautiful exhibit that transports viewers to the imaginative and colorful world of over-sized moths and butterflies. This is an exhibit we’re sure the whole family will love! If you’re looking for something more hands-on, there are fun family, adult and kids programs offered throughout the year.

Express Yourself Art Barn

Another great option for rainy days includes this sanctuary in Fennville. This magical art barn is just a quick 15 minute drive from Douglas and Saugatuck and offers a variety of indoor art projects. You’ll get to be creative on a rainy day and even have a mosaic, bracelet, necklace or ceramic to take home with you!


H E A L T H / W E L L N E S S

Book An Appointment at the Spa

If you’re looking for a wonderful facial or massage within the area, there are spas-o-plenty. The rain may just be the perfect excuse to “bite the bullet” and get that service you’ve been dreaming of.


T O U R S / F O O D + W I N E  T A S T I N G

Wine/Cider Tasting

With plenty of wineries, breweries and cider houses in the area, there won’t be a shortage of options. Whether you’re looking to stay in Saugatuck and Douglas to visit a tasting room, there are options for you. Or, if you’re looking for the full experience, head to Fennville to tour then taste. This will sure to be a great option to stay dry and keep you entertained.

Coastal Tours

Want an easier way to visit wineries and breweries? Coastal Tours is your option. This tour allows you to sit back and explore 3-4 wineries and breweries within the Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville area. This is the perfect activity for any time of the year, especially rainy days when all you have to do is ask, “where to next?”

Hungry Village Tour

“Explore the Lakeshore’s Plate” with Hungry Village tours. This is a wonderful rainy day option as you get to explore Saugatuck’s culinary secrets with history, demonstrations and of course, samples and sips. Bypass the stress of parking and be driven around and get to enjoy the culinary gems of Saugatuck.



Stop For a Coffee

Whether you’re downtown Douglas, Saugatuck or Fennville, there’s no shortage of coffee options. Boost your energy with one of the favorited coffee shops in each area. Try Respite Cappucino Court, located in the heart of Douglas if you’re in between gallery hopping. If you’re in Saugatuck, try Uncommon Coffee Roaster, a town staple. Or, head to Fennville’s Root if you want to try a wide variety of coffee drinks with a farm-to-table addition. No matter what you choose, we guarantee it will be the perfect place to shield yourself from the rain for a few minutes – or hours.

Grab a Hot Dog + Root Beer at the Barrel

Although you may have to stand in the rain for this one, it’s kind of worth it. The recently restored barrel is now selling hot dogs and root beer and as you can imagine, this has been a crowd pleaser. For a small price to pay, this may be worth standing in the rain.

**Or visit many of the other great restaurants in the Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville area. Luckily, they all have indoor seating options, so we can guarantee you will be shielded from any sort of weather condition.

The iconic root beer barrel in Douglas on your way to Oval Beach is back in action! This historic root beer and hot dog stand is the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch or snack during your adventures around the Saugatuck/Douglas area! #saugatuckdouglas #douglas #puremichigan #longlivesummer #mibeachtowns #hotdogs #rootbeer #midwest #vacationvibes #meetyouatthebarrel

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The @saugatuck_arts latest gallery show, Industrial Nature, by artist Michelle Stitzlein, is on display now through September 9. A fun and engaging experience with art created with everyday objects like bicycle tires, piano keys and garden hoses. #saugatuck #saugatuckdouglas #scaexhibitions #largescalesculpture #puremichigan #longlivesummer #mibeachtowns #theartcoastofmichigan

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Perfect light for the perfect place for a fun art project. Take the quick drive into the country outside of Saugatuck and Douglas and you will discover the Express Yourself Art Barn. #saugatuckdouglas #saugatuck #fennville #expressyourselfartbarn #art #artproject #longlivesummer #puremichigan #theartcoastofmichigan #midwestliving #midwestcoast #historicbarn #mibeachtowns

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