A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

Getting married in the Art Coast of Michigan? Check out our top ten ideas—ranging from traditionally picturesque to unusual and inspiring—for the best wedding photo backdrops to commemorate your special day.

Oval Beach
Oval Beach
Mt. Baldhead
Mt. Baldhead
Wick's Park Gazebo
Wick’s Park Gazebo

1. On Oval Beach

This award-winning, stunning stretch of shoreline makes for a beautiful backdrop any time of year, day or night.

2. At the Top of Mt. Baldhead

Climb the 302 stairs to the top for a panoramic scenic overlook of the Kalamazoo River. Sure, it’s a bit of a workout, but the amazing photos of you and your significant other will be worth the effort.

3. On the Gazebo at Wick’s Park

Located next to the Kalamazoo River in downtown Saugatuck, this picturesque gazebo, located in the waterfront park, serves as the stage for free Wednesday evening concerts held during the summer.

Retro Boat
Retro Boat
Saugatuck Sign
Saugatuck Sign
Family of Man Statue
Family of Man Statue

4. On a Retro Boat

For exceptionally striking photos with a one-of-a-kind backdrop, rent a classic runabout boat at Retro Boat Rentals and have your pictures taken aboard the vintage vessel before enjoying a celebratory jaunt down the Kalamazoo River.

5. In Front of the Saugatuck Sign

If Saugatuck has special meaning for your relationship, then wedding photos taken in front of the iconic Saugatuck painter’s palette sign are a must. Neon-lit with colored bulbs, this sign is especially dazzling at night.

6. In Front of the Family of Man Statue in Coghlin Park

Vibrant red with a dramatic silhouette, the Family of Man IV sculpture resides in Coghlin Park, overlooking Lake Kalamazoo. Representing the cyclical nature of mankind’s existence from the present to the past and the future, this sculpture was created by artist Cynthia McKean and cut from a single piece of steel plate.

Schooner Serenity
Schooner Serenity
Wades Bayou
Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area
Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

7. On the Schooner Serenity Tall Ship

Charter a private sunset cruise on the Schooner Serenity, an authentic two-masted, gaff-rigged tall ship, for an unforgettable sailing experience and wedding photo backdrop on the scenic waters of Lake Michigan.

8. In Wades Bayou Memorial Park

Wades Bayou in downtown Douglas is a beautiful location on the western shore of the Kalamazoo Lake and river area known for spectacular sunrise viewings. The park also features a charming gazebo at the water’s edge.

9. On the Bridge at New Richmond Bridge Park

This park is named for its historic and visually impressive one-lane swing bridge, which spans 400 feet across the Kalamazoo River. This swing bridge was originally built in 1879 near New Richmond, a former mining town. Now fully-restored, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and connects the park property on both the north and south sides of the river.

10. In the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

Want shoreline, sand dunes, and beach grass to grace your wedding pics? Check, check, and check. The hiking trails of the Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area loop through the dunes, around wetlands, to the north shore of the Oxbow Lagoon, along the Kalamazoo River channel, or the Lake Michigan shoreline, offering magnificent and striking scenic views at every turn.

Looking for a photographer to capture your special event? We’ve compiled this list of local photographers for you:

Walker Photography

Eye of the Beholder Photography (Kate DeVries)

Kim Zahnow Photography

Lara Parent Photography

Blue Sail Media

Woods to Meadows Photography

T Crane Photography

Angie Smith Photography

Lauren Messing Photography

Photography by Cerise

RynO Photography (Ryan Alexander)

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