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The Allegan Forest Museum of Campfire Stories

1817 68th Bluestar Hwy
Fennville, MI,
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FYI... The Allegan Forest Museum of Campfire Stories is located at 1817 68th (Bluestar Highway) Fennville Michigan. That is the North East corner of 118th Ave and Bluestar.
Admission is $5 per person.
The museum will be open Spring 2023. The museum is based on old campfire stories told around the campfires of Allegan Forest, from The Yellow Motel to The Melonheads. You will be able to read the stories and see artifacts and displays of all the locations.
If you dare you can grab a flashlight and find the locations. Decide for yourself if the stories of The Demon Tree and Satan's Tomb are true or just old campfire stories. You will soon realize there is a lot of truth in them old stories.

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