Pretend you have a well traveled, bougie, Auntie. She collects bugs in frames from Paris, vintage rugs from Morocco and jewelry from Brazil. She is not old and she is not young. She says whatever she wants, she swears a lot, and is a bad influence on children, but only in the best possible way. She loves plants and animals, tarot cards and Stevie Nicks. She gives sage advice and has a story for everything. She is a Bohemian, not a hippie and you know this because she taught you the difference. She has a house in the deep dark velvety woods, in a fairy tale town that sits on a deep dark velvety beach, in the most deep dark velvety state. She stares at the moon. She plays good music. Endora is her Cabinet of Curiosities and she is dying to show you around.


36 East Center St, Douglas, MI