The restored classic brownstone storefront in downtown Fennville houses a fine art and craft artisan gallery, featuring the best of local art, and a small working pottery studio.  Fernwood 1891’s gallery shelves are filled with local well known artists and some who you will newly discover.

Stop in and see the artists’ work, then sit and enjoy a latté, craft beer or wine, and an artisan sandwich in our connecting cafe Root.

Owner Dawn Soltysiak also owns and operates Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm, a solar powered working artist studio, which offers classes and workshops, and a pottery gallery featuring Michigan artists’ work. Fernwood 1891 grafts this lifestyle of Khnemu Studio on Fernwood Farm into a downtown storefront, showcasing the local community and all it has to offer

Three locations offering a connection to the artist and the land.

120 E Main St, Fennville, MI