Wander the lavender fields, tour the farm, learn how to grow and prune lavender. We have expanded our lavender farm to include shady rest stops, fountains, perennials, a birch grove, grass that is easy on your feet, a stone fire-pit, and a Japanese zen garden that will bring  you to an appreciation of quiet beauty.

Our tours start every half hour and are free.  Learn how to choose, plant, and grow lavender successfully. See demonstrations of harvesting lavender and distilling it into essential oil. Festival weekends are usually the 1st and 2nd weekends in July. Check out our mind/body workshops on the 1st and 3rd weekends. Experience meditation, chi-gong/tai-chi, and Satya yoga next to the lavender. Our store has handmade organic lavender oils, soaps, candles, and more, usually with the lavender distilled on our farm. Whether you choose restful Pure Lavender or stress reducing Serene Garden, our physical store is open when we are, but our online store is always available.

2975 65th St, Fennville, MI