Flight of Fancy

Why choose just one thing when you can try it all? Embark on a mini-culinary journey or craft beverage adventure by sampling a flight that lets you explore a variety of flavors in just one sitting.

When we think of tasting flights, our minds automatically think of beverages. But aside from all the fabulous drink flights that can be experienced at the wineries, cideries, and craft breweries in the Art Coast, there are some other incredible tasting flights waiting for you to discover.

The best way to sample all the goodness available at Crane’s Pie Pantry Restaurant & Winery is to try one (or more) of their flights. Select tastings of four different wines or their hard ciders and then indulge in a one-of-a-kind Pie Flight. Made with only the best fruit from their Michigan orchards, this renowned flight features four of their delectable pies, so you can fully indulge with a little less guilt. During the colder months, Crane’s also offers a Soup Flight that is comfort food at its best. Featuring two delicious soups and their famous chili, this flight is accompanied by a side of sourdough grilled cheese dippers for the ultimate satisfying experience.

Waypost Brewing Co.
Waypost Brewing Co.
The Mitten Brewing Company
The Mitten Brewing Company
Flight of soup at Crane's
Flight of soup at Crane’s

Pizza lovers rejoice! Along with their beer flights, the Mitten Brewing Company offers a tantalizing Pizza Flight for those who can’t settle on just one. Featuring slices of any four of their specialty pizzas, including the weekly special, this option ensures a foolproof way to discover your new favorite flavor combination.

For an interesting activity that includes a flight, sign up for a Coffee Flight and Warehouse Tour with Uncommon Coffee Roasters. Sample a variety of coffee that’s freshly roasted and brewed for you, chat with knowledgeable staff on the coffee beans’ origins, and tour the facility to see everything from roasting to cold brew to packaging.

To experience the traditional craft beverage flights, try the cider flight at Virtue Cider or a craft beer flight from Saugatuck Brewing Company and Waypost Brewing Co. Our wineries, such as Modales, Fenn Valley Winery also have wine-tasting flights for you to sample. And, for something a little harder, visit the Coppercraft Distillery Tasting Room or the New Holland Brewing Tasting Room, where you can sample a flight of their exceptional, handcrafted spirits.

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