Top 8 Instagrammable Spots for Fall

Does your social feed need a little inspiration? Colorful leaves, pumpkins, and corn mazes make fall the ideal time to refresh your Instagram feed.

From farms stands to wooded trails, there’s no shortage of spots for the perfect shot. Here are our top 8 picks for Instagram-worthy locations sure to deliver those vibrant visuals you’re looking for. And don’t forget to #Saugatuck and #artcoastofmichigan!

Felt Mansion
Felt Mansion
Lyon's Fruit Market
Lyon’s Fruit Market

1. The Felt Mansion

This historic estate is located on 138th Ave on the north end of town and offers expansive grounds and a multitude of well-preserved and idyllic buildings. Situated by the Saugatuck Dunes State Park, the estate has a natural setting and historic architecture primed for photo opportunities.

2. Lyon’s Fruit Market

Colorful mums, fresh pumpkins, corns stalks, and more displayed on wooden fruit boxes make for stunning fall visuals that are sure to inspire. This small fruit and vegetable market, located in between Douglas and Fennville, is well worth a visit in the spring and summer too.

Oval Beach | PC: @LakshoreLodging
Oval Beach | PC: @LakshoreLodging
Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

3. Oval Beach

With Saugatuck Dunes State Park as its backdrop, this stunning stretch of shoreline is picturesque at any time of the year and at any hour of the day. Climb up the dunes to get a panoramic birds-eye view or stay close to the water to highlight the colors contrasting with the winding shoreline.

4. Saugatuck Harbor Natural Area

This lesser-known nature preserve is a hidden gem offering 173-acres of magnificent and striking duneland just north of Oval Beach. Hike the short trail to find the perfect spot for your photos, but know that there will likely too many great views for only one post.

Wades Bayou | PC: @downtowndouglas
Mt. Baldhead
Mt. Baldhead

5. Wade’s Bayou

Wades Bayou in Downtown Douglas, known for being the perfect fishing or kayak launch spot, is also a beautiful location to watch the sunrise, see the fall colors reflect off the water, or view some wildlife. Rent a kayak and snap a pic from the water toward land for a more unique perspective.

6. Mt. Baldhead

It may not be an actual mountain, but the view from the top of this extra-large dune never disappoints, especially during the autumn months. Climb the 302 stairs to the top for a scenic overlook of the Kalamazoo River, separating the towns of Saugatuck and Douglas. This vantage point is one of the best ways to see the fall colors in their full glory and makes for amazing photos.

Cranes Orchards
Cranes Orchards
Virtue Cider
Virtue Cider

7. Crane Orchards

For the best fall-themed shots, come pick some apples from the orchard or pumpkins from the patch. And while you’re there, get lost in the corn maze.

8. Virtue Cider

Whether you’re near the cider houses or walking through the farm grounds, this craft cidery offers a picturesque setting for your fall photos. Situated on a working farm, this venue is home to heritage breed animals such as Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs and Icelandic Sheep, who may try to photobomb your shots.

Come for the photo opportunities, stay for a weekend getaway. Click here for a list of unique lodging options that are just as Instagram-worthy as the locations listed above.

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