Travel on the Down Low

From calling into meetings from your vacation rental to working on your laptop poolside, many remote workers are enjoying the new-found freedom to work from nearly anywhere. With this current trend in work/life balance comes a slew of new travel lingo, including Hush Trips (secret working vacations), Lisness (leisure before business), and Bleisure (business before pleasure). No matter how you prioritize your free time on one of these working vacations, we know you’ll appreciate all the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes with a workcation in the Art Coast.

Depending on your job, your boss might not care where you are in the world as long you meet deadlines and check in for daily stand-ups. But if your organization is a bit more traditional, you might need to keep your working vacation a secret. Hush Trips are a trend that’s catching on, with 56% of working adults saying that they are “extremely likely” to go on one this year, according to one survey. Come to Saugatuck/Douglas for your next Hush Trip, and you’ll find the experience easy to plan and keep quiet.

Vacation Rentals
Vacation Rentals
Oval Beach
Oval Beach

Easy Access

If you don’t have time to research cheap flights—or don’t want to get caught doing so while screen sharing during a Zoom call—a trip to Saugatuck/Douglas is the answer. Especially if you live in the Midwest. Our charming lakeshore towns are within reasonable driving distance from Chicago, Indy, Detroit, and more. And if you are a little further out, there are over 30 cities, including Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Denver, with non-stop flights to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, located only a 45-minute drive away. There’s also no need to worry about palm trees or other geographic giveaways that might alert overly inquisitive bosses that you’re not working at home.

Lodging Options Galore

The area has abundant lodging options, with many vacation rentals that offer extended stays—especially during late winter/early spring and late fall. During these times, you can easily book a two-week holiday for your family to enjoy the Art Coast area together. Spend time at the beach with the fam the first week, then use the great WiFi at your accommodations the next week to finish out those expense reports and employee reviews while your family stays and plays. Need to run to the office for an emergency? If you’re in Chicago, Grand Rapids, or Detroit, that’s no problem.

Recreation and Relaxation Abound

Saugatuck/Douglas offers numerous options for recreation every month of the year, so there will be plenty to do during your “off hours.” From hiking and biking trails along the lakeshore to shopping or enjoying a spa treatment, you’ll find something fun to do after work. When the sun stays out longer in the summer, you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, and boating, even in the evening. Take a lunch break at the beach or pool—then come back for your 1 pm Zoom meeting, and no one will be the wiser!

Foodie Friendly Any Time of Day

You’ve got to eat, right? Whether you can squeeze in lunch with your family, grab breakfast before a long day of work, or enjoy a leisurely date night, Saugatuck/Douglas has plenty to offer when it comes to dining out. In the mood to blend a little work and play? Grab a table and a beverage at one of our many water-side restaurants, enjoy the view, and get a little work done, too.

Source: RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trends Report

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