To worship at All Saints’ is to participate in timeless traditions that have their origins in the beginning of Christianity, yet seeks to meet the spiritual desires of modern man. Although using labels for self-identification are rarely satisfactory, we fit comfortably within the broad church tradition of the Anglican Communion. It is reflected in our adherence to the appointed liturgy for each worship service; in our music which spans everything from Plainsong Chant to contemporary hymns; and in our awareness of the social and environmental challenges facing the world. We are an inclusive parish. Everyone is welcome at All Saints, and we demonstrate that in a very tangible way by leaving our doors unlocked around the clock. We are honored when visitors and long-time members are able to join us for the coffee hour following our 10 AM service, and at other events in the parish.​​


7 am – Coffee Hour 8 am – Holy Communion – Rite I
9 am – Adult Sunday School
10 am – Holy Communion – Rite II
10 am – Children Sunday School
11 am – Coffee Hour

252 Grand St, Saugatuck, MI