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A terrific array of homemade foods, hard cider and fruit wine, desserts, baked goods, cider and more. Sandwiches, soups, salads, our famous Michigan fruit pies, crisps and strudels, apple dumplings, cider donuts, breads, preserves, gelato, sundaes and more. Launched in the winter of 2014, Crane’s Winery brings a lasting farming tradition into the world of wine and hard cider.  We know that wine and cider, like our famous pies, can only come from the best fruit, impeccable care, and a talent specific to the trade. Crane’s know all about great fruit.

We are a fifth generation Michigan farming family that brings history, tradition, and skill of fruit growing. We have combined a hundred years of knowledge with a new generation of inspiration and wine making knowledge. Crane’s Winery was established with the goal of bringing only high quality wine and cider to you with small batch expertise and artistry. Locally grown, locally produced, with local talent and without artificial flavoring or coloring. From our farm to you. Enjoy!

6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI