Coastal is the where.
Living is the what.
Advisors is the how.

Who? You.

Introducing Coastal Living Advisors, a boutique West Michigan Real Estate Team with Kevin Putnam and Sarah Wellman of Five Star Real Estate Leaders. How you live is as important as where you live. Our job is selling your house…or finding you another. Our métier is building better lives. Living on the west Michigan coast means proximity, opportunity, and an everyday calm. Whether near or far, a re-location or second home purchase is an exciting chance to re-imagine. We’re ready to help you navigate the process.

Meet Kevin.
Recovering career ladder-climber. Full-time realtor. Fur babies’ daddy. Non-profit president-elect at Westshore AWARE (LGTQIA+).
After 27 years running operations for the world’s premier fast casual restaurant brand, Kevin brought that operational prowess to the world of Michigan real estate. Today, he slows things down to your pace, guiding each decision on a personal level—quality control for the serene. He believes in building up the community around him, dedicating time and resources year-round to causes that matter. That community he envisions includes you!

Meet Sarah.
Full-time realtor. Fuller-time mom. Michigan native. Breast cancer survivor.
Sarah’s kids are the impetus for her community commitment. She’s heavily involved in the extraordinary education experience of Saugatuck schools—volunteering her subtly dignified skill set wherever and whenever she can. When you partner with Sarah for your real estate journey, you get joyful resilience and a familial hand. New home decisions impact the ones you love. Let’s find a home worthy of your family.

Kevin & Sarah—strength in numbers.
In each their own way, they’ll both be your favorite. That’s why they built this team. Sarah and Kevin are two champions for you, both on your side, rooting for your best life.

224 S River Ave, Holland, MI