Enjoy a 3 hour private sailing excursion aboard Desire, our 41 foot Morgan sail boat.  We can accommodate up to 6 passengers. Sailing on Desire is perfect for Birthdays, anniversary’s, or any of your family outings.

When you come aboard, Captain Al and his crew Nancy, untie the lines, and your adventure begins. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun and the fun. You can lounge on the deck, or take the wheel and steer the boat, or even raise the sails. See the sparkling Lake Michigan waters, and the views of the dunes along the West Michigan shoreline.  Enjoy the unbelievable scenery and atmosphere, that will give you and your family and friends, an experience they will not forget.

And when you are back at the dock head into Saugatuck for the best food and drinks you will find anywhere in the world.

216 Saint Peters Dr, Slip 135, Douglas, MI